Terms and Conditions

Version 4.3: 17 July 2018
General Information
This website (including its content (i.e. text, images, videos), software, related channels and other information presented on this website; the “Website”) is operated by Hi,hi Enterprises B.V., {Boddenkamplaan 15, 7514JB Enschede, the Netherlands}, KvK 61904910 (“Hi,hi Enterprises”). The Website serves as an online peer-to-peer marketplace platform connecting people. The supply side of the marketplace is filled with local people who offer their personal knowledge of the city in which they live (“Local guide” or “Local guides”). The demand side of the marketplace is filled with travellers looking for local people who can introduce them to the local lifestyle (“Traveller” or “Travellers”). On the platform, Travellers choose and book a Local guide. The Traveller and the Local guide together decide what activities they will undertake, without Hi,hi Enterprises’ interference. Hi,hi Enterprises does not serve as a tour operator nor a travel agent. Also, Hi,hi Enterprises only serves as an intermediary in the formation of an agreement between the Traveller and the Local guide; Hi,hi Enterprises is in no respect party to that agreement.
Applicability of the Terms and Conditions
The Terms and Conditions are applicable to all visitors and users of the Website (“Visitors” or “Users”), either using desktops or mobile devices. In addition, both Visitors as Users are subjected to Hi,hi Enterprises’ Privacy Policy (“Privacy Policy”), presented in another document, but hereby incorporated by reference into these Terms and Conditions. Hi,hi Enterprises unilaterally reserves the right to revise these Terms and Conditions every now and then. The version and date of revision are presented at the top of this document. Hi,hi Enterprises strives to announce revisions within a reasonable period before publishing the updated Terms and Conditions. The revisions take effect within a reasonable period after the revision is announced. When accessing or using the Website, Visitors and Users acknowledge to have read and understood, and thereby to have agreed to the Terms and Conditions.
No Warranties
Hi,hi Enterprises aims to run the Website according to the User’s expectation within a safe online environment. However, Hi,hi Enterprises does not provide any warranties with respect to the availability of the Website, possible errors or defects occurring when using the Website and possible viruses or other harmful software resulting from using the Website. Hi,hi Enterprises continually tries to keep the content stated on the Website accurate, and is unilaterally allowed to change the content stated on the Website anytime. However, Hi,hi Enterprises does not guarantee all content to be correct, complete, trustworthy, suitable or respectable, applying to both Hi,hi Enterprises’ provided content as third parties’ content presented on Hi,hi Enterprises’ Website. Hi,hi Enterprises may unilaterally block Visitors and Users from accessing the Website. If you find inaccurate or illicit content on Hi,hi Enterprises’ Website, please send an email to hi@hihiguide.com.
Visitors of the Website can without any restrictions visit the Website. Users of the Website, either Travellers or Local guides, need to sign up in order to use Hi,hi Enterprises’ services. In order to sign up for an account, the natural person registering is required to be at least 18 years of age. Also, personal information, such as name, email address, phone number, bank account information (credit card or debit card), must be provided truthfully. In case of inaccurate or incomplete information, Hi,hi Enterprises is allowed to block the account from access to the Website. Users are responsible for all actions conducted on the Website. Besides, Users must secure their passwords at all times. By signing up an account at the Website, Users acknowledge and accept that Hi,hi Enterprises has the right to use their information in all forms and formats for (marketing) purposes on third party channels, without notifying or getting permission from the Users, and without obligation of any form of (financial) compensation towards the Users.
Privacy Protection
Hi,hi Enterprises’ Privacy Policy explains how the personal information of the Website’s users is protected. You can find the Privacy Policy on the next tab.
Terms of Use for Local guides
When creating a Guide profile, Local guides must comply to filling in the required information truthfully and in line with the abovementioned registration terms. The following content is strictly forbidden:
Content propagating discrimination, racism, violence or pornography.
Content promoting companies, websites or third parties not related to Hi,hi Enterprises.
References to personal contact information including email addresses, phone number, social media accounts (such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other platforms serving as social medium), instant messaging applications’ accounts (such as WhatsApp, WeChat, Telegram) and all other communication applications allowing Travellers to contact a Local guide before a booking is confirmed.
Third party content protected by Intellectual property rights.
When creating a Guide profile, Local guides decide the hourly rate they want to charge. A 20% commission will be charged on top of the Local guide’s hourly rate. The hourly rate and commission together will be presented as hourly rate on the Local guide’s profile displayed on the website and therefore visible for Travellers.
When making use of Hi,hi Enterprises’ services, Local guides are obliged to fill out their availability, by accepting or declining Travellers’ booking requests, truthfully.
In case of noncompliance of the abovementioned terms, Hi,hi Enterprises is allowed to block Local guides from using the Website’s services in the form of deleting the User’s account.
After completing the trip, the Local guides receive their financial compensation. The Local guide is responsible to provide Hi,hi Enterprises with the correct bank account or PayPal account information to which Hi,hi Enterprises transfers the Local guide’s earnings. Transaction costs for PayPal money transfers are payable by the Local guides.
Terms of Use for Travellers
When submitting a request, Travellers are obliged to fill in the booking information truthfully. The payment proceeds by credit card executed by the online payment provider Stripe Inc. When making use of Hi,hi Enterprises’ services, Hi,hi Enterprises cannot guarantee the quality of a Traveller’s booking.
Limited Liability
Hi,hi Enterprises shall not be liable for damages to its Users, both Travellers as Local guides as Website Visitors/Users, caused by:
Inaccurate communication between a Traveller and a Local guide before, during or after the trip.
Incorrect information on the Website provided by a Local guide or another third party.
Activities performed, by either a Traveller or a Local guide, during the trip, injuries, loss, theft.
Any force majeure event.
In the event of illegal or criminal activities performed by either a Traveller or a Local guide, Hi,hi Enterprises will fully cooperate with the local authorities .
Hi,hi Enterprises cannot be held liable for conflicts between a Traveller and a Local guide arisen beforehand or during a trip. Hi,hi Enterprises shall not take any part in the resolution of such conflicts.
As Hi,hi Enterprises does not function as the employer of Local guides, a Local guide is fully responsible for filling in their tax statement in accordance with the in their country applicable (income) tax laws.
When the traveller cancels:
Within 7 days before the trip means no refund for travellers and a full compensation for local guides. Longer than 7 days before the trip means a full refund for travellers and no compensation for local guides.
When the local guide cancels:
Within 7 days before the trip means a full refund for travellers and no compensation for local guides. Longer than 7 days before the trip means a full refund for travellers and no compensation for local guides.
Please contact Hi,hi Enterprises for more information on the following address:
Brouwerijstraat 1
7523XC Enschede
The Netherlands
Email address: hi@hihiguide.com
Phone: +31 611955845