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I had a great time with Tim. He totally lived up to the things he said on his profile; an expert in Architecture. During our time together, Tim showed me various kinds of Budapest's unique architecture. Great to have such an enthousiast expert for that amount of money!

Raguel Willette
from Spain

Tokyo is amazing and I found out it was too big to explore in a weekend. Luckily born and raised Ryu showed us around. The best part was when she showed us the elementary school where she works, since I am also a teacher. Great Experience!

Christen Holdsworth
from San Francisco

Alice gave me a very insightful tour and showed me many things I would not have seen otherwise. We were talking the whole trip, it was like I've known Alice for years. The most important thing for her was to give me a true experience of Lisbon. Would recommend!

Emmie Malick
from Sweden