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About us

Hi,hi Guide connects travellers with local guides. Wherever you go, experience the city through the eyes of a local.

Your favourite Hi,hi Guide

Every local guide has his/her own specialties to share and unique stories to tell. With 2000+ Hi,hi Guides, there is always a good match!

No flags to follow

Flexibility is key. Would you prefer to draft your own itinerary? Go ahead! Would you rather be surprised by your Hi,hi Guide? #justsayhihi and tell him!

Reasonable rates

Our local guides charge an hourly rate resulting in a fair income for the guide and a more affordable experiences for you!

Team Hi,hi Guide

At Hi,hi Guide, we are passionate about travel. We love to explore new places, to discover new cultures and to experience the local life. In total, our team has visited 53 countries and what we found out is that the best hidden gems are often found via locals, instead of a travel book. Besides, the interaction with a local is a lot more fun than the interaction with a book.

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CCO (Chief China Officer)

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