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  • € 10,- per hour
  • English

"The 4th generation in a family of "alfacinhas", I am passionate about Lisbon!"

About me

I am a 20 something's girl, born in Lisbon. To the Portuguese, someone who was born and raised in Lisbon is called an "alfacinha", which means "little lettuce" - you can find out why in my tour! My passion for history, culture and art comes from my mother, a history teacher, and from the stories that Lisbon has to tell. I am curious. I am lively. I try to convince myself that I am not that funny, sometimes I cannot, please bear with me

What can you expect?

You can expect to learn all there is to know about the growth and evolution of Lisbon through the ages: from being a pre-roman iberian settlement to the beautiful cosmopolitan city it is today. Going through the discovery of the new world period, where Lisbon was an arbour and centre of commerce, to the earthquake of 1755 that almost brought the whole city down. All the while telling you the best insides a town girl has to offer you, my own family history with this city and letting you know more about the famous Portuguese that put Lisbon into art form.
I will prove to you that not only the Portuguese are made of a very tough material (but very soft and kind in the inside) but that Lisbon is your new favourite destination! Over all, a fun tour!
PS - You can also expect a free gym class with this. Lisbon was built in the middle of 7 hills, so just consider it "leg day"