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Saint Petersburg
  • € 15,- per hour
  • English

"Walking tours, cooking classes, Russian jeep tours, photo tours, gastro tours"

About me

I live in the city centre for more than 5 years, so I know almost every place. I’m in love with St Pete’s architecture and I can show you all hidden gems of this beautiful city. I also love good food and know all great places from street-food cafes to fancy restaurants. Being a professional linguist and translator I freely speak English.

Don’t hesitate to contact me and you will have the best experience of exploring my wonderful city.

What can you expect?

I have a variety of tours to offer (please note that all tours are flexible and can be easily adjusted to your needs and wishes):

1. Walking tour - I’ll show you hidden paths of the city centre avoiding crowded streets and typical tourist attractions (depending on your wishes I can add some typical attractions to the programme too).

2. Gastro tour – it’ll be a long walk with stops in different cafes, street-foods and restaurants (the places will be chosen depending on your preferences in food).

3. Russian Cooking classes – we have a fully equipped kitchen studio in the city centre where you will enjoy Russian tea ceremony with ‘samovar’, culinary workshop and dinner (we have a variety of dishes to offer for workshop).

4. Russian Jeep tours – you will experience what it is to ride a Russian car, especially an off-road jeep like Niva. We have several programmes with Russian Jeep (Niva), including tours inside the city (featuring all must-see places that are located far from each other – a very good option if you are limited in time) and outside (different palaces and parks located outside of the city; off-road military tours; tours to war museums and places).