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Hong Kong
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"Hi:)This is Rosa who is a former history student, enthusiastic in all kinds of c"

About me

I am 24 years old who loves travelling a lot. It is always my dream to explore around the world, to meet amazing people with amazing stories. I was majoring in History in University and I would like to share and and listen about different cultures and history.

When I visit other places, I would definitely want to learn about their history and local cultures. Therefore, I hope to share more of the local cultures (something only locals know) about Hong Kong to all visitors around the world!

What can you expect?

The tour "Secrets of Hong Kong" are under three themes:
To discover the truth Instead of famous tourist places like Central, Tsim Sha Tsui, I would rather like to show you around some districts reflecting realities in Hong Kong - how poor or normal people's lives are about (e.g the housing problem, the working condition, the wealth gap)
To explore the beauty of nature. Most people can only think about numerous buildings in Hong Kong. But the fact is, there are 40% of mountains and rural area in Hong Kong, with beautiful views and landscape. (Either daytime or nighttime is worth visiting!)
To learn about colonial history from street names Most of the streets are named during British colonial rule, everyone of them has different stories which described part of the history/culture of Hong Kong.