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  • € 14,- per hour
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"Bienvenidos! Visit the most exciting places and spaces in the city I love!"

About me

I was born in Kingston, Jamaica, grew up near Miami, Florida and have lived in Washington, DC and Brooklyn, New York. I love to travel, meet new people and create unforgettable moments. When I travel, I like to experience the city as residents do and when I live in a city, I strive to enjoy it like visitors do. The upbeat energy of Barcelona is contagious, and this city has held a special place in my heart since I first visited about 10 years ago. More than anything, I love bringing people together through experiences filled with excitement and laughter... and over a tapa and cerveza doesn't hurt ;

What can you expect?

I've called Barcelona home for the past year and have discovered many hidden gems during my time here. On one of my tours you can expect to experience the beauty, quirkiness and spunk that Barcelona has to offer. I have staples in mind that are must-sees, including shopping in Gracia, sight-seeing in Eixample, tapas in El Born, bar hopping in Raval, and, my favorite, sun-bathing on the beaches! Nevertheless, I am very open to your requests and will do my best to accommodate them. I will also give recommendations for places to go and see after your tour to ensure you have the best time possible during your visit!