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  • € 10,- per hour
  • English

"Let's get to know places inspired by the real life of the city's"

About me

I am a artist living in Lisboa for a few time. I like to see the places that are free of cliches on the city, finding inspiration in the beauty of ordinary life. The simple thing enchants me like the small squares, cafes of the neighborhood, the nature that permeates the details of the daily life.

What can you expect?

On the way through Lisbon we will see squares with different types of birds, and a delicious coffee in the most cosy regions of the city. We can visit the free art and craft fairs of the city in one of the most beautiful places in Lisbon. If you like to meditate, I can introduce you to meditation, where you can experience inner peace to start or end the day! Off the beaten track there is plenty to explore!"