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Kuala Lumpur
  • € 12,50 per hour
  • English

"Travel the road less travelled they say, agreed and because I do myself. "

About me

Traveling changes perceptions and teaches a person more than a classroom can. Blend in with locals to truly experience the culture and lifestyle, that is at least for me when I travel for leisure or for work. Yes, traveling is part of my day job too. If you share the sentiments as me, then I’d like to take you around especially if you’re solo female travellers like me! Don’t mind some nice lovely couples or small group of friends too. I may be easy going but I’d prefer not to host dodgy travellers, please don’t. Thanks.

What can you expect?

Well, local eats and bars (it’d be lovely if you want to buy me drinks too, but not a mandatory), jungle trekking if you fancy the outdoors, visit tourist spots if you must. Just let me know what’s your budget, I’ll adjust the trip accordingly. Don’t worry, you foot the bills yourself anyway so I’m fully transparent with that. If I manage to get hook ups for local events, I’ll even throw it in complimentary, no entry charge sort.