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  • € 12,50 per hour
  • English

"Montevideo is a small city full of secrets. Let me show you some of them!"

About me

Hi there! My name's Greta and I'm 24 years old. I'm a college student: currently majoring in International Studies and trying to improve my German skills and learn some Japanese. I love music, photography, art, good food, better coffee, and mostly: traveling and discovering new places and people.

What can you expect?

Montevideo is full of secrets and I'll create the tour regarding your interests. There are lots of museums and places of historical and cultural interest, and I can also show you the best parties in town, do some wine tasting, dance some tango or visit nurseries and gradens, etc. Montevideo has a lot to offer: from Carnaval to Cannabis museums, from underground electronic parties to horse-riding in the countryside. You choose.