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"Discover the urban legends of BA, its marvelous architecture and delicious food"

About me

I am a local tour guide with an appetite for history, culture and food. I love talking to people, exchanging thoughts and knowledge, and most importantly offering an experience. I have traveled many places (luckily) and interacted with thousands of people from all over the world, and I believe that nothing makes us richer than cultural exchanges and the possibility of experiences through travels. You have a friend in Buenos Aires

Question time

What do you like most about your city?

The cultural mixture that still prevails from the XIX century. The french architecture and little parisian cafes, the spanish speaking people with italian accent and forms. The very marked difference in each neighborhood and the stories our streets tell. Our past and history is found in every corner and even though there was a lot of european influence we made it all ours. That special "je ne sais quoi" is what makes Buenos Aires so unique

What's your favourite hidden gem in the city?

I would say the Recoleta Cemetery. And even though the place is not quite hidden but very easy to find, whats hidden about it are the stories. With over 4700 mausoleums this fantastic place, besides being beautiful and photographed daily by hundreds, hides incredible stories. Stories about love, hate, tragedy, revenge and legendary ghosts


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