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Can (John)

€ 12,50 per hour



" Cheap & Local fun finder: Food, drink, music & random magical scenes!.."

About me

Hi y'all
I'm a 28 years old dude who loves music, food (I'm Turkish, duuh) & discovering beautiful scenes of Barcelona. I have been a student / worker in this beautiful city for 3 years now.
Personally speaking, I'm into local stuff more than famous touristic scenes (no offense Gaudi), so I have been out wandering around streets of Barcelona to find "local and fun but not so touristic" types of places and people almost every day that I have been here. Which brought amazing joy to my life.
I'm also a "9 to 6" worker which is kinda boring, that's why I want to guide some people the beautiful scenes of Barcelona.

What can you expect?

Honestly, I don't have any specific thing in my mind.

The hourly rate, the hours, the tour, everything is open to discussion, I'm not a professional tour guide. I'm not even a tour guide. I'm not even a guide. Joking, I'm your guide for a super-nice Barcelona trip.

Everyone comes for a different reason. 90% of people plan to visit inside of Sagrada Familia and then change their mind after seeing the huge line and say "hmm okay it's cool from outside as well, what else?". So depending on the visitor's mood we can do whatever we want. If it is all up to me, I can define a route depending on the schedule & budget of visitors.

I can take you to any place you have heard / seen about Barcelona like;
- Parc Guell
- Sagrada Familia
- Gaudi Houses & the rest of the things you see in every tourist guide.

Or I can take you to small walking-bicycle tours around the most beautiful towns and you can lose yourself in the beauty and harmony of streets in Gracia or cool art shops in Born or some kick-ass bars in Gothico or a nice tapas trip by the beach in Barceloneta or a pincho-experience in Carrer Blai or a nice half-day tour in Montjuic.

Or I can suggest you nicely selected restaurants. In this part I have to be honest, Barcelona is not Paella, it is world cuisine that makes here special. So I can take you to "not expensive, not so touristic, but super-tasty" places that I discovered during my humble student life here (Chinese noodle, English breakfast, American-style burger, you name it). But still super-nice tapas restaurants are always in the list no worries.

No matter what we do, we will always end up visiting the most beautiful place in the city; Parc Ciutadella. The perfect chill-out space. That's a place that makes you motivated to live more you know. It's cool. You give good decisions in this park. I decided to move in Barcelona for example, not bad huh?

My name is Can (read like John) & I am an Industrial Engineering graduate from Turkey, I came here to study, I came here to discover, I came here to renew myself. I came here to connect with people. So far everything has been going good, if you are an open-minded person, if you are an old school or a new age hippie, if you are looking for a completely-natural & most probably improvised experience, I'm here :)




Food and drinks, Go local, Highlights, History and Culture, Photography


Amanda Burkett



I wanted a more local's take on Barcelona, and particularly street art, and Can did exactly this! He was very friendly and patient while showing me around. He is not a professional tour guide as he states in his bio, but he does take the time to plan out an agenda and has many ideas and suggestions of what to see in Barcelona. I would definitely recommend booking with Can!


Kat Colton



I had a great time with Can (John)! He did his homework and was full of information. He took me to some of the touristy spots but then took me to some of his favorites, as I had requested. He tailored our tour to all of my requests and even helped me carry my bags to the Aerobus. He's very personable, comfortable to be around and has an easy smile.


Alla Krinitsyna



John was exellent! He organized the excursion for our international group and all guys were very happy. John is very easy going person, positive and responsible. He is very good story teller and his excursion was SUPER interesting. If you are still not in love with Barcelona, contact John for the excursion. We were really very happy to have hom as our guide.