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Hong Kong
  • € 10,- per hour
  • English, Spanish, Japanese, 中文

"I am very responsible and punctual kind person, It would be fantastic being with"

About me

I am very relaxing and chill person also pitch in meet new friend 's communities , I love talk about every cultures does different habits, but I love the way that we are totally not the ''same''
there is nothing could ''suppose'' , our action and thought manifests what we are.

What can you expect?

I love travel like a local not matter where I am. Sharing at the moment is the best memory and meaningful to each journey. I am wildly enthusiastic about human belief, nature, food, custom and historical architectures. It must be very fun hang out with me that I know many super cool spots bars isolate geo islands in this cosmopolitan down-town also has adorable and dynamic faces!