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"See Paris through my eyes!"

About me

I'm from Buenos Aires and now it's been 3 years and a half since I've been living in Paris. I've also lived one semester in England while I was studying.

I love travelling, meeting new people, trying different food and learning different languages (I speak spanish, english, french and I have some notions of german and italian). I also love painting, drawing, writing, reading, photography and music of course!

I fell in love with Paris back in 2007 and before definitely moving here I came 5 times a tourist. I used to say I wouldn’t really want to live here because I was afraid it would become too familiar and not so beautiful anymore. But it didn’t. I keep on walking around the streets with my eyes wide open, admiring everything this city has to offer. I keep on discovering new places and confirming that my decision of moving here was the best decision I could have made. For me Paris is just the most beautiful city in the world!

What can you expect?

Tours with me will always be personalised depending on your preferences and on how many times you've been in Paris. If it's the first time then I'll make sure to take you to the most famous places but if you are interested and have more time, we can also explore hidden places that locals love!

I'm totally flexible, we can stop as many times you want, eat or drink anywhere if you feel like it, no rush at all! I give my advice on places and things to do but I always ask people what they prefer. It's your tour ;)


English, Spanish, French


Food and drinks, Go local, Highlights, History and Culture, Photography