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"I think you deserve something beautiful. Namely eat, pray, love vibe of Lisbon. "

About me

A law student who found the real balance in Lisbon: quit from the routine and pressure to live not just exist in the present.
My experiences are based on the historical beauties and the story of the city, best food and drinks and my all-day long walking tours while I understood how many faces Lisbon has.

What can you expect?

I would like you to fall in love with Lisbon as I did. I have so many options for you, but please let me know what you would like to see!




Food and drinks, Go local, Highlights, History and Culture, Photography





Hi. Had an amazing experience with Dorottya. She is enthusiastic, thoughtful and a remarkable conversationalist. Her insights into the city life are very interesting and her overall understanding of worldly matters is quite depthful.