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€ 12,50 per hour



"Explored Lisbon to the fullest for the last 6 months. "

About me

I am a very exciting and enthousiastic person that loves alternative places and experiences. My diverse taste helps me develop a wide collection of places to show. I love going local and discovering the most secreet and well hidden places that only locals know.

What can you expect?

This tour is not about the main touristic highlights that you can find in every tourist guide. This tour is an alternative one. One that takes you to the most secret and well hidden bars and viewpoints that only a local knows. Sunsets in abandoned buildings, 'fado' nights in underground centres, bars at the top of 5 floor parking spaces, secret bakeries and many more. This tour is for people that want to discover the very secrets of Lisbon. The things that make Lisbon a place you will never leave. The things that make you feel local.
This can be a daylight tour (anytime) or/and an evening tour starting at about 18.00 (sunset time) and finishing around 23-24.00 midnight with that last visit at the night time secret underground bakery!!!!




Food and drinks, Go local, Highlights, History and Culture, Photography