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"Let me show you why WE love Lisbon, blending in as local."

About me

I am a graphic designer, based in Lisbon since 2002. I studied architecture and art history in the past, so I fully relate to this wonderful city that I learned to know in my one, instead of following the masses. I live in the city center and I absolutely love the ambiance and life of Lisbon, with all its quirks and flaws.

What can you expect?

As a local, I learned to avoid crowded areas, and look for alternative ways to enjoy my own city. I will show you the "mandatory" places where everyone will go, but also show that it is only a fraction of the beauty of Lisbon. I know the places and people where you will feel welcome and how to get there without spending a ton of money in taxi, Tuk-Tuk, Uber, etc ... Lisbon is a city with a good public transport network, If you know how to use it :)
Everyone loves Portuguese cuisine and Lisbon is full of wonderful cheap places to eat good homemade food. From a more traditional type to vegan food, I know a lot of cheap "under the radar" places where you can get to know the immense variety of cultures and cuisines Lisbon can harbour.
Lisbon is best seen on foot, but remember ... It's called the City of 7 hills, be prepared to "climb" around: D