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"Wanna make you fall in love for Lisbon just like I did when I come here to study"

About me

My friends say I am a calm, cheerful and friendly person, the kind that loves to hug them, help them and spend time with them.
I have been living in Lisbon for almost 3 years, since the moment I arrived to a new adventure: my college life.
I know all the touristic spots and some of the local hidden gems, besides the near by places like Cascais and Sintra.
I can help you with the public transports and most of the local challenges you may face.
I don't know if I am the perfect guide, but I know I want to get to meet you and have a good time showing you what I already considered my city, because it's the one where I have most of my precious memories.
Hoping to meet you soon.
Hugs, Cris :)

What can you expect?

What I have to offer? That depends on what kind of traveler you are. What do you expect from a trip to this country, or in this case, this city: Lisbon?
As you may have search before embarking on a journey to get here, there's plenty to see, eat, photograph or even meet, yes, meet, because in case you don't know, portuguese people can be some of the more welcoming locals if you give them an opportunity to talk to you.
So, all I can offer is the promise that I will try to take the best out of the days you will enjoy in my city, taking into consideration what you want.


English, Japanese, Portugese


Food and drinks, Go local, Highlights, History and Culture, Photography