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  • € 16,- per hour
  • English, Portugese, 中文

"Live in Lisbon for 2 years Also an experienced backpacker visiting 51 countries"

About me

Legal translator in law firm. I speak Chinese, English and Portuguese. Besides, I am also an experienced traveler which has stepped into 49 countries/areas in the world.

What can you expect?

Travelling like a local. I know very well about places of interest in Lisbon, along with local secret interesting places , and have experience of guiding different people from Asia, Europe and Africa. I have explored different kinds of bares, bistros and restaurants in the city and suburban areas. I am willing to guide you around Lisbon, and give you a feeling of being a local in this colorful city. Also, I desire to make new friends, hear from different edges of the world, have good conversations, and exchange opinions with various kinds of people.