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Ka Wai

€ 18,75 per hour



"Nei Hou! (=Hello) I'm KOKA. Im a native Hongkongese. "

About me

My name is Koka, born and raised in Hong Kong. I like travelling and sharing my stories with others. I like history and respect other cultures. Maybe I am not a good English speaker but I am a sincere local Hong Kong girl waiting to take you walk around Hong Kong.

What can you expect?

Many tourists come to Hong Kong for shopping, but Hong Kong is not only a Shopping paradise. I want to share the stories of Hong Kong with people interested in Hong Kong. I may not take you to the famous scenic spots but I will let you spend a meaningful day knowing the real life of Hong Kong. Learning and Experiencing a new culture is what I think of the aim of travelling. Hope I can help you explore a different Hong Kong.


English, 中文


Go local, History and Culture