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€ 15,00 per hour



"I have the best spots for those who love street music, art, must go places. "

About me

I am a 28 y.o teacher. I love Yoga, i like to practice anytime anywhere.
i am a drum player, this is a local instrument that is played in groups called "comparsas".
I like music and art, there is always something to do if you get together with the right people.
I am a graduate in phylosophy and linguistics, so i am a book hunter by nature haha!
This is my city so I know how to get anywhere.
I am only available After 6pm local time and early morning.

Question time

What are the best local dishes?

Our country is well known for their barbecued meat, this is barbecued using wood, so it's favor is kinda unique. Of course if you do not like that there are plenty of options we can choose for dinner, every place and food Will have the local touch that will make it unique. Let's see first what you like

What do you like most about your city?

The street music and art. Weekends are full of these. Also during the week. The tradicional thing to do is turn on a little fire and get together around it, with some wine and friends and music. There is always art to see in everything. There is also local art and museums that we can visit, the idea is not to go the traditional turist way ;)




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