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VJay is a local guide who is very passionate about Kuala Lumpur. Tell VJay what your preferences are and get a personalized city experience you'll never forget.

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I'm 37 years old with 20 year of travelling experience your Local guide at your service, from the needle point of KLCC tower to the toe of Malaysian soil,to the deepest jungle and exploration to fresh waters and high mountains. here I am to guide with peace of mind with safety,hygienic,safe time and value for your money,you get to do more with an experience to treasure for a long time in your memory,I want you to enjoy every seconds , taste good food, see things differently, explore city and to the natural attraction in Malaysia,I would be happy to assist you In regarding your tour. Yes me in your list. Take home the valuable memory and tell about me and the things you have seen with me in this country.

Insider tips from VJay


What are the best local dishes?

Sweet pork ribs or lean meat add honey dry chilli with partnerships with egg toufu and long beans stir fried served with aromatic rice (Chinese)/ Many varieties of noodles (mee’s). Special long grain mixed with herbs and spices that gives plus of health benefits but still the taste is preserved to kick your taste buds saying I want more! with special marinated quarter chicken pieces (Bryani Indian food) Indian mixed rice -we call this Banana leaf rice (must try superb) Street foods we call the Mamaks (Indian Muslim)Many local food are available here Mixed rice,chicken mutton,beef Roti canai many varieties Many varieties of drink local coffee Sirap limau ais Sirap Bandung ais (this drink you can see in the profile picture) A-B-C not learning time It’s eating time. Fine crushed Rock ice with Malaysian local beans and cendol Gula melaka palm tree sugar. Nyonya from Melaka makes the Kuih muih (like Malaysian local pastries) huge varieties (this is available in Melaka only) Naan bread Amazing bread done with fire oven and comes with Chicken tandoori (you must try this) But this is in Melaka,we also can get one in the city but the best of the best are in Melaka there is many more to do like Jonker street,2hrs journey Many more foods are not mentioned but this I hope it’s enough to pack your bag and come over here,soon. Sweets: Chinese tau sa pia -green beans cake (not cake like you think but different) mostly you can get 50 types of these varieties kuihs PunjabiIndian -Ladoos ,gulab jamoon (must try) ghee ladoos, pani puree (amazing) ,rasamalai,pal goa milk sweets,barfi. Malay-Nyonya kuihs 100% genuine Malaysian foods. come over lah!


What do you like about your city's architecture?

Basically Kuala Lumpur is full of architecture The top one is KLCC The buildings are linked at the 41st and 42nd levels by a distinctive skybridge, open to the public at selected hours for an unparalleled view. KLCC Park The KLCC Park is a lush, 50-acre urban sanctuary that offers a children’s playground, wading pool for toddlers and jogging tracks, perfect for a family day out. Esplanade (Lake Symphony) Outside of Suria KLCC lies the 10,000 sq ft, man-made Lake Symphony that is sure to bring about an amazing experience for you and your loved ones. Petrosains Discovery Centre Petrosains Discovery Centre, a high-tech science discovery centre located at level 4, Suria KLCC that allows interactive & educational adventures for children and adults to have PETRONAS Art Gallery The PETRONAS Art Gallery, is an elegant art gallery located within Suria KLCC that displays and appreciates art of all forms Aquaria KLCC This world-class oceanarium features a wide range of well preserved species of marine life from all around the world. Central market Visit more than 350 shops and kiosks, selling handicraft, batik, souvenirs, antiques, collectibles and much more. Savour flavoursome cuisine at the variety of Central Market Kuala Lumpur’s must-dine restaurants and eateries. Experience craft-making demonstrations, get a picture drawn by friendly artists or be a part of the Malaysian culture during festive celebrations and cultural shows at Central Market. Merdeka Square (architecture) National Textile Museum (Malaysian batik and local textile evolution) Kuala Lumpur bird park 200 bird species great place to bring children And adults too Sunway pyramid Shopping and food (An 1-1-2 journey) If you don’t want to see concrete,I can bring you to natural attraction,let’s escape! My favourite spots:(Full day trip) Fraser hills Chiling water falls Fish sanctuary chilling Genting Highlands Cameron highland Port Dickson Sea view Beach and fun! Full day Skymirror + Kuala Selangor + Sekinchan tour Pantai Redang/Cap Asas Rice Factory/Paddy Field View Bukit Malawati/Eagle feeding/Local seafood May require tickets and food. Melaka Jonker street + Portuguese settlement historical place We can customise. Let Go lah!

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